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Perfect for racing applications Lithium Ion Technology

Brad Brand

PROLITE Batteries powers the fastest 10.5 car in the World - Brad Brand

5.94 sec @ 242.02 mph 1/4 mile

Kevin Fiscus

PROLITE Batteries powers some of the fastest race cars around the world in NHRA, NASCAR, and Formula 1 into a winning circle.

Ruben Tetsoshvili

Whether you have a Boat or RV, Motorhome or a custom project you are working on PROLITE Batteries can build you battery specific to your needs.

Kevin Mullins

Congrats to The Kevin Mullins on a new WORLD record 4.11 sec @ 193 mph!

PROLITE Batteries was started by two racers with an idea to bring other racers a great lithium battery at a better price. We worked months to produce and test what we recently brought to the market. We are offering a true track tested reliable lightweight high performance lithium racing battery that exceeds your needs and expectations. Being racers ourselves our goal is to provide the best quality on the market.
Motorcycle Performance Lithium Batteries

PROLITE Battery Features
  • Lightweight
  • Carbon Fiber Casing
  • High Current Delivery
  • Fast Cell Balancing for Long Life, Safety, and Maximum Capacity
  • Quick Recharge Time
  • Stable Voltage and Current Output
  • Resistant to Vibration and Tire Shake
  • Mountable in Any Direction
  • Removable SAE Post for Bolt/Crimp Terminal Cable Connection
  • Long Life Expectancy (10+ years)
  • Batteries are made in the USA
  • Environmentally Safe (RoHs and DOT Safety Approved)
  • 1 Year Warranty*

    *Must use PROLITE Lithium Charger.
    *Batteries returned more than 80% depleted are not covered under warranty.
    *Warranty is void if voltage drops below 12V on 16V batteries.

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